DC Airport Support Welcome Site

DC Airport Support Welcome Site

Large Group Greetings at DCA

Large Group Greetings

Corporate, civic, school, military, community, alumni and other groups are welcomed and encouraged to greet at the airport. It’s a great way to give back!

Greeting Outside Security

Greeting outside security is an easy way for groups to greet either at arrival or departure. There is no need to register your group, just show up at the appropriate Terminal. Please check the scheduling page to find a date and time that works best for your group. Then follow our general greeting information guidelines.

Please feel free to wear your group apparel (cheerleader outfits, corporate volunteer t-shirts, military uniform, scout uniforms, etc.) and bring banners, flags and posters. Some groups like to provide mementos for our Veterans – like generic thank you notes, etc. Just be mindful that the Veterans may not be able to carry things in their hands or store them throughout the day. No political, religious, government, corporate, etc., propaganda or brochures allowed.

If you’d like to let us know you are coming, we can help get your group the best place to line-up. Also, if your group plans to arrive by bus, please let us know so we can work to secure parking for the bus while the group attends the greeting. Please email dcacoordinator@honorflight.org.


Greeting inside security

Not all airlines provide gate passes allowing greeters at the gate; and some limit the number of gate passes; making it hard to get a large group through security.

American Airlines will typically allow large groups with no limitation at arrivals. If you have a group over 15 that would like to attend a greeting on an American Airlines charter arrival, please email the DCA Ground Crew Gate Pass Coordinator at dca.honorflight.gap@gmail.com for more details.

Greeting at the gate will require someone at your organization to collect necessary information needed for gate passes: full name, gender and DOB. This information will need to be provided to the Ground Crew gate pass coordinator 2 days prior to the flight; after which time no changes can be made. All attendees must present a valid ID to pass through security (minors do not have to show ID).

Greeting at the gate times a little more of a time commitment; as the airline requires everyone to be there 1.25 hours prior to the arrival. If there are multiple flights arriving on the same day on American, the group needs to be there 1.25 hours before the first flight arrival; and the gate pass will be good for all remaining flight arrivals that day on American charter.