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Free Parking

When you volunteer as a greeter for the Honor Flights, the driver of the vehicle is eligible to get a parking chaser ticket so that they do not have to pay for parking. The Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority has been very very generous in providing this benefit. You will need to register on our website for each flight that you attend and let us know that you are a driver to get a parking chaser ticket. Make sure that you answer YES to the required question “Will you be driving and requesting a parking pass?”  Volunteers who do not sign up in advance may have to pay for parking. The charge is $6.00 per hour up to $17.00 maximum.

To get the parking chaser ticket, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Park only in Garage #1
  2. When you approach Garage #1, you will stop at the ticket machine at the entrance gate.
  3. On the video screen, push the GREEN button to get a paper ticket. DO NOT INSERT A CREDIT CARD! (See picture below)
  4. Park anywhere on Garage #1. TIP: The upper floors are less crowded and rows L and N are right by the elevators that take you down to the tunnel into the terminal.
  5. When you check-in with the Honor Flight team, they will validate your name on the registration list and give you a parking chaser ticket.
  6. On your way out of the garage, go to the CREDIT CARD lanes — not CASH.
  7. Insert the first ticket (white on both sides). When asked for payment, insert the chaser ticket (white on the front and yellow on the back).
  8. Once processed, the gate will go up for you to exit.
  9. If there is a problem, push the HELP button on the ticket machine. (You have to flip up the little cover to access the button.)

The Airport Parking Authority requires us to furnish a list of names two days before the flight. It is imperative that you register on our website before then. We typically do not have extra chaser tickets to hand out.

Join us in welcoming Honor Flights to Washington DC! We coordinate greeting our WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans at Dulles International Airport (IAD).

*** This group is 100% volunteer ***

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